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March 05, 2021

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m would facilitate statewide access to databases through public libraries, will improve access to such resources and provide more competitive pricing on electronic information products for participants.

A consortium of public libraries was established mid-2001, with nearly every Victorian public library service committing to the consortium.

The consortium is coordinated through a steering committee, and reports to VICLINK.

Where can I find Gulliver?

Gulliver is available in nearly every public library across Victoria. If you are not sure whether or not your library has access to Gulliver, please check with the library staff or contact a member of the Gulliver committee.

Each library has their own Internet address to access the Gulliver databases. Please ask the librarian in your library for assistance.

Access to these library databases is now available from your PC at home, and all that is required is your library card borrower number.

What can I do with Gulliver?

With Gulliver you can find:

You can print, email or download to disk a personal copy of these articles. This facility is permitted by the license agreements between public libraries and the vendors. (Note: not all options are available at every library branch).

What is the selection criteria for Gulliver databases?

The overall criteria for selection of the databases are that they are to be web-based with 70% full text. All databases have four areas that will be evaluated. The overall ranking and who is responsible for the evaluation is as follows.

Type Ranking Responsibility

Content- Includes interface and technical considerations for reference staff

40% Individual libraries

Statistics- Output, ease of interpretation, able to be set by libraries

10% Gulliver Committee

Vendor resources- Support, training, value added services such as pre-defined searches, long-term viability of company, product development

20% Gulliver Committee

Technical- Authentication, z39.50, modification of databases/interface, outputs, speed, private links

30% Gulliver Committee

Trials will be conducted by a group of libraries that have indicated that they would be willing to trial and evaluate the databases. We have envisaged, if possible, for the vendors to do some preliminary training with the libraries who are trialling to ensure that they use the databases correctly and understand the scope of the database.

Information for Vendors

The Gulliver Consortium welcomes the chance to speak to vendors regarding new databases to evaluate. Trials of the databases are carried out between March and December, with negotiations taking place with successful vendors between January and March.

Please note that new databases are offered to members of the consortium on an annual basis, the start date being July 1st to accommodate budgetary cycles. If vendors wish to have a database included in the next financial year it is advisable to contact a member of the steering committee between March and October to organize an evaluation.

The consortium is happy to offer feedback on the results of any database evaluations libraries undertake.

What is Bruce?

"BRUCE" stands for Bibligraphic Resources Under a Consortial Environment.

How does BRUCE differ from Gulliver databases?

Gulliver is a core group of databases which consists of:

BRUCE allows any number of libraries to join forces and access a range of other databases. The approach is a "smorgasbord" approach so libraries can pick and choose other databases to access. Libraries who choose to access these databases will be invoiced directly by the vendor. This invoice will be separate from the Gulliver invoice.

To download more information about BRUCE, including the list of databases, please click here- Information about BRUCE. (word Document)

If you are interested, please contact a member of the steering committee. VVLGulliver
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March 05, 2021

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