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January 19th, 2021

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MacKillop, Mary

Mary was born in Fitzroy, the oldest of eight children. She was a governess in Portland and Penola, ...
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Mannix, Archbishop Daniel

Daniel Mannix was born in Rathluirc/Charlesville, County Cork, Ireland in 1864. He was ordained in 1...
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Melba, Dame Nellie
Musical Artist

Dame Nellie Melba was born Helen Porter Mitchell in Richmond, Victoria, in 1861. She lived with her...
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Menzies, Sir Robert Gordon

Sir Robert Menzies best known for being Australia's longest servicng Prime Minister was born in the ...
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Monash, Sir John

John Monash was born in Melbourne on 27 June 1865, to a family of Polish Jewish origin. Monash was e...
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Mueller, Dr Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von

Ferdinand von Mueller was born in Rostock Germany. He came to Australia in 1848 for health reasons, ...
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