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September 25, 2020

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Organisation Name: Cracking 'the hard nut': creative approaches to teen and adult literacy
Cracking 'the hard nut':creative approaches to teen and adult literacy seminar was held on Tuesday 30 October 2012, at the State Library of Victoria. It is part of the professional development delivered as part of the Statewide Public Libraries Development Projects.

There was a great line-up of presenters including:

Kerrin Pryor: Sport as a 'hook' into literacy
Marianna Codognoto: Flyphonics - A moment in rhyme
Maryanne Hyde: The WIIFM Principle - creative literacy programs for young people.
Lisa D'Onofrio: Whistlestop tour of literacy people
Leonee Derr:Geographies of Yes! How space and design in libraries can encourage young adult engagement
Renate Hughes and Jill Sleiters: Steps to the future: learning pathways for young mothers
Anne Dunn: Page Turners - fun, easy readers for adults
Christine Andell: Community Publishing with indigenous teens
Philip Minchin: Reading play: how games promote literacy and how to get more out of them

Slideshow presentations, handouts and flyers are attached at the bottom of the page.
  • Flybiz Media Release
  • Steps to the Future: Handout

  • Christine Andell - Community Publishing with Indigenous Teens
  • Leonee Derr - Geographies of Yes!
  • Lisa D'Onofrio - Whistlestop tour of literacy hits
  • Marianna Codognotto
  • Maryanne Hyde - The WIIFM Principle
  • Philip Minchin - Reading play: how games promote literacy and how to get more out of them
  • Renate Hughes and Jill Sleiters - Steps to the future
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