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Picture Australia & Other resources- Local History Digitisation Manual

The Picture Australia guide provides information on how small digital collections of Australian images can be connected to the Picture Australia service.

AMOL 'Capture your collections'
This online course will guide you through the process of digitising your collection, from planning and budgeting through to implementing your digital project. The course is freely available to those working in the Australian cultural sector. Please email your contact details to AMOL to receive a course password. The email address is

Australian Pictorial Thesaurus
The Australian Pictorial Thesaurus (APT) is an online thesaurus of Australian subject terms for searching and indexing pictorial and other original materials collections in Australian libraries and museums.



Gerdsen, T. (1996) Copyright: A User's Guide, RMIT Press, Melbourne

Kenney, A., Rieger, O., (2000) Moving Theory into Practice Digital Imaging for Libraries and Archives, Research Libraries Group, Mountain View

Lee, Stuart D., (2001) Digital Imaging: a practical handbook, Library Association Publishing, London

Vogt-O'Connor, D., 'The Digital Mortgage' in Sitts, Maxine K. (Ed.) (2000) Handbook for Digital Projects: a management tool for preservation and access, North East Document Conservation Center, Andover, Massachusetts

Useful web resources

Canadian Heritage Information Network
Capture your collections guide (also available from AMOL)

Colorado Digitisation Project
General Guidelines for Scanning

Common Image File Formats
Table outlining technical specifications of image file formats

Dublin Core metadata site
Information on Dublin Core element set and implementation of DC metadata

Going Digital: issues in digitisation for public libraries
From EARL Consorium for Public Library Networking in the UK, paper providing an overview of all the issues to consider in a digitisation project.

Image Quality Working Group
Technical recommendations for image quality, file formats, and other capture and storage issues when converting paper, photographic and other physical materials into digital form

Moving Theory into Practice: Digital Imaging Tutorial
An online tutorial from Cornell University Library offering base level information on the use of digital imaging.

Research Librarians Group
Extensive worksheet for calculating the costs of digitisation projects

Technical Advisory Service for Images
Advice on undertaking digital image archiving projects

Further links and information is available from the Local History Digitisation Project web site at



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