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February 24, 2020

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Organisation Name: Being The Best We Can
The official launch of the Being The Best We Can Self-evaluation Framework and Toolkit was held on Tuesday 28 June 2011 at the State Library of Victoria. The launch marked the completion of this award-winning Statewide Public Library Development Project; Being The Best We Can won the Innovative Management Initiative category in the 2011 LGPro Awards for Excellence.

Euan Lockie, Australian Continuous Improvement Group (ACIG), provided an overview of the Framework and self-evaluation process.

Jenny Mustey, Campaspe Regional Library, and Karyn Siegmann, Bayside Library Service, shared their implementation approaches and outlined the benefits of the self-evaluation for their library services. Both libraries took different approaches, demonstrating the flexibility of the process and its suitability for large and small libraries.

Michael Scholtes, Melton Library & Information Service, talked about the crucial peer review component, highlighting the benefits of peer review from a library perspective as well as the professional development opportunities it provides for peer reviewers.

The Framework and Toolkit components are available below along with the launch presentations.

You can find the pilot library reports here
  • BTBWC: Certificate template
  • BTBWC: Framework & Schedule template
  • BTBWC: Improvement Planning template
  • BTBWC: Peer Review Visit Schedule template
  • BTBWC: Workshop Agenda 1 template
  • BTBWC: Workshop Agenda 2 template
  • BTBWC: Workshop Agenda 3 template

  • BTBWC: Folder Cover
  • BTBWC: Folder Spine
  • BTBWC: Framework Toolkit (pdf for printing)
  • BTBWC: Framework Toolkit (Word file)
  • BTBWC: Part C Framework for workshop (pdf for printing)
  • BTBWC: Peer Review Guide
  • BTBWC: Teams

  • Being The Best We Can: Overview
  • Case Study: Bayside Library Service
  • Case Study: Campaspe Regional Library
  • Launch Program
  • The benefits of peer review

  • BTBWC: Orientation presentation template
  • BTBWC: Peer Review Feedback presentation template
  • BTBWC: Peer Review Presentation template
  • BTBWC: Workshop presentation template

  • BTBWC: Final Report template
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